Envirotech Treatment Systems

What is the difference between a septic tank, an aerated treatment system and the Envirotech ASF?

Septic tanks use old technology utilising underground trenches. They are heavily reliant on good quality topsoil to allow the wastewater to  percolate through the soil. In Australia, the soils are mainly weathered over the last 360 million years, and it is difficult to find reasonable quality topsoil over the entire length of the  required trenches. Septic tank trenches can pollute ground water supplies and can leak onto lawns with   infectious, smelly discharge. This has the potential to cause serious illness, particularly in children and the elderly or infirm.

Aerobic treatment systems use a mechanical blower via diffusers (huge increase of surface area) to recreate the air spaces normally found in good quality topsoil.

The Envirotech ASF treatment system is sized to accommodate the required amount of air supply in the voids between the gravels and sands (which are carefully graded and layered). This is replicated inside a dedicated liner, where the primary treated effluent is evenly distributed and then allowed to percolate,   collecting valuable oxygen for the aerobic bacteria before returning back to the system for irrigation.  (Note: the air supply is therefore maintained regardless of power failure.)

What is the average daily power usage?

Negligible. The Envirotech ASF does not have a blower attached to the system, and the filter and effluent pumps run for ONLY 10 minutes per day (approximately).

What are the ongoing costs?

Minimal. The Envirotech ASF is the only true install-and-forget system. It is approved for ONCE-A-YEAR   inspection (other system types require servicing once a quarter).

What warranty is offered on the treatment plant?

There is a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty on the filter and irrigation pumps, which is extended a further year if you renew your first year maintenance agreement.

The control unit and alarm are both covered by a 5-year manufacturer’s warranty (excluding globe). All   fittings, pipe work and fixings carry a 15-year warranty. The vessel (the concrete tank) and concrete internal baffles carry a 15-year warranty. (Note: the life expectancy of the sand filter is well in excess of 15 years.)

How will the wastewater be disposed of?

The wastewater has been treated and disinfected and will be disposed of via your “land application area”. This area could be above-ground heavy droplet sprinklers, or subsurface irrigation, or various other    methods, and will be decided between your local Council and (in most instances) a geotechnical engineer. We will construct the disposal area in accordance with the geotechnical report approved by your council.

Are installations allowed on sewered blocks?

No. Treatment systems can only be installed in areas where reticulated sewerage disposal is not provided

Will the system smell?

No. Odours emanating from a treatment system are caused by bacteria that have died. Reasons for this range from lack of air (the blower has been turned off for a number of hours) to chemical pollution. The Envirotech ASF does not rely on a blower to provide air to the bacteria, so under normal household         operating conditions there is no smell.

Will I receive information about the system once it is installed?

Absolutely. We will provide you with our informative Owner’s Guide, and our staff are also happy to  answer any queries you might have. What happens to solids in the system? Solids represent approximately 0.1% of household wastewater, which the systems continually reprocess  until it forms a layer of residual (“sludge”). After a number of years the accumulated sludge will need to be removed from the system. Your service technician will advise you when de-sludging is required.

Do I have to do any maintenance to the system?

Your service provider will provide all the maintenance requirements for the system, leaving you free to enjoy your lifestyle. However, you are required to ensure the irrigation area is free of weeds and debris at all times. Full information on this is contained in our Owner’s Guide. Your service technician will also assist you as much as possible .

Can I locate the tank away from my house?

Yes, provided the correct fall can be achieved (sometimes with the use of riser rings), generally speaking the tank can be located where you choose.

What happens in a power failure?

The treatment system will stop, along with all your electrical appliances. However, because the Envirotech ASF treats the wastewater without the use of an electric blower, no harm will occur to the system and the bacteria will continue to process the waste. When the power is reconnected, the system alarm should clear itself within 12 hours.

How much noise comes from the system?

The Envirotech ASF is designed for silent running. There is no noise from the system.

What do I do with the system when I go on holiday?

Nothing at all; it will keep on quietly working while you’re away.