Envirotech Treatment Systems

ENVIROTECH G.T.U.  Greywater Treatment Unit (2005)

  • For household application (or larger, if requested)
  • Receives wastewater from
    • hand basins
    • shower / bath
    • laundry tubs / washing machine
    • toilet cistern water
    • automatic clothes-washing machine
    • external uses
      • washing car
      • hosing garden
      • sprinkler system
  • Compact unit, tertiary effluent quality, 1600L effluent storage built-in (allows optimum garden watering – twice per week)

ENVIROTECH A.S.F.™ Aerobic Sand Filter (1993)

  • The first generation, Gen I A.S.F.™ - a world first
  • For the treatment of all household wastewater ie. including toilet waste
  • Larger systems can be designed for commercial operations
  • Simple, natural process, uses a minimum of electrical energy, virtually no maintenance required.
  • Suitable for holiday-homes – only operates when home is occupied
    (no wasted energy use)
  • Because of its passive nature, it is the more cost-effective system
  • Consistently good effluent quality – meets the 20mg / L BOD5 and 30mg / L TSS levels, comfortably.
  • Will require effluent disinfection for above-ground irrigation – most commonly used system – tablet – chlorinator.
  • System comprises 3 chamber concrete tank and 20m² A.S.F.™
    • plastic tanks available for sites that are remote or have difficult access (easily lifted by earthmoving machinery)

ENVIROTECH A.S.F.™ Gen II (2007)

  • developed for the household system market
  • the choice for environmentally sensitive developments that specify Advanced Secondary Treatment Units A.S.T.U.
  • Prototype tested under the most stringent conditions as required by the N.S.W. Department of Health applying the procedures set out in (Australian Standard) A.S. 1546 – Part 3
  • The ultimate choice – can be offered with Nutrient Removal Capability, also – max. nutrient levels can be nominated for some sub-divisional developments.
  • Still offers the low-energy usage, that the original A.S.F.™ System is famous for.
  • Disinfection is by a U.V. Disinfection Unit for which the power ONLY comes on when its operation is required – the U.V. Disinfection process offers the benefit of a broader pathogen “kill” – including viruses which are responsible for 70% of illness in Man today.
  • More Compact than the original A.S.F.™ - the Gen II A.S.F.™ is 1/3 the Gen I A.S.F.™ size

ENVIROTECH A.W.T.S. Aerated Wastewater Treatment System (2008)

  • A one-tank household system with the capability to produce an Advanced Secondary Effluent with Nutrient Removal
  • Another design in-house (the Intellectual Property I.P. of ENVIROTECH)
  • Been trialled over the last 21/2 years – about to undergo official testing for national approval