Since 1992


The only approved treatment system with annual servicing.

Approved to AS1546.3:2017

15c per day running costs!

A family of four people will use about 15c per day on average with the Envirotech system. Compared to regular aerated systems you will save in excess of $200 a year on running costs alone, not to mention servicing and replacing costly consumables like filter media, air discs, diaphragm's, filters and aeration blower units. Your Envirotech Treatment system pump runs for approx. 30 mins per day, compared to regular aerated treatment systems that are always running an using costly power.

  • Low Maintenance

    The only accredited system with ANNUAL SERVICING.  Designed with minimal moving parts. Simple. Effective.

  • 15 year Warranty

    The system is backed with a 3 year warranty on all electrical parts and 15 year warranty on the concrete all-in-one tank.

How the system works?

The Envirotech system replaces your septic, greywater system and grease trap. It recycles all sewage (including solids from the toilet), greywater, and all other liquid from the household, into crystal clean odorless water for watering your plants & gardens.

Stage 1

Primary treatment

All of the household waste flows into the primary chamber. This first stage acts like a regular primary septic tank. Harnessing the good bacteria that already exists and taking it onto the next stage.

Stage 2

Secondary Treatment 

The secondary chamber acts as an additional settling chamber where gravity does the work. This chamber is designed to promote the creation of oxygen. This launches the aerobic biological process

Stage 3

Filter Pump-well

Perhaps the most important chamber in the all-in-one tank structure - in this chamber, any remaining fine particles will drop to the bottom before passing through to the sand filter. The liquid is held in this chamber and then pumped out to the A.S.F

Stage 4

Aerobic Filtration

What started as ordinary household waste has now passed through a 3-step treatment process and is ready to be pumped into the Aerobic Sand Filter (A.S.F). Inside the filter it passes through a series of natural locally sourced, clean river stones, creating a far more natural and effective treatment than mechanical air blowers.

Stage 5

Filter Return Chamber

The filtered water then passes back into the filter pump chamber - also known as the "Filter Return Chamber". Here it is held for a period of time and then recirculated back into the Aerobic Sand Filter (A.S.F).

Stage 6

Clarifying Chamber

The clean, treated water now passes into the clarifying chamber, where it travels up through a fine cartridge filter that acts as a safeguard ensuring that if the system load has increased from a party then any remaining fines are removed here.

Stage 7

Final Pump Out

The crystal clear water travels from the clarifying chamber over into the pump-out chamber via a chlorinator before it is pumped out through a sprinkler line and onto green grass

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